Holistic emotional, physical and spiritual healing

My calling is to support and facilitate people's healing and/or expansion journey through energetic and intuitive work. My goal is to have you feeling empowered, balanced, and understanding how to strengthen yourself outside of our sessions.  To do this I will also teach you techniques for continued self-healing and self-care, and will pull in a variety of modalities to get to the root cause of your issues.

These are a collection of some of the services I offer to help people heal on all levels (emotional, physical and spiritual), including:

  • Reiki massage, Energy Healing & Reiki Training
  • Intuitive Holistic Healing
  • Chakra Balancing (Polarity Therapy)
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Crystal Healing
  • Energetic Cleanses
  • Remote Healing
  • Soul Retrieval Inner-soul Work,
  • Gridwork
  • Shamanic Work
  • Journeying  
  • Ceremony: Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, Life Transition Ceremonies and more
  • Conscious Birth Doula support
  • Women's Circles
  • Monthly Gatherings and Weekend Retreats (coming soon)

You may choose the services work best for you (read below for descriptions of each service) and we can design a self-care plan together in your own take-home journal that I'll provide. If you aren't sure what you need or where to start, I am happy to explore with you what deepening is open to you in this now. Please contact me with your questions and we can have an obligation-free discussion.

Description of services

Reiki Massage, energy healing & Reiki Training

Reiki therapy supports healing of all energetic imbalances that are ready to be moved and can treat physical and emotional complaints, as well as mental and psychological ailments. It can also support a spiritual journey or balance a difficult spiritual opening. I often use light massage and acupressure or meridian (tonic) points in conjunction with the Reiki treatment. This is optional and can be left out if desired.

I'm a 3rd degree Reiki practitioner and certified Reiki teacher, and can offer you stand-alone Reiki sessions or pair this energy healing modality with other work. Individual Reiki Training classes and Attunements are available upon request. Please contact me if this is what you're desiring. If there are 3 people or more who are desiring a Reiki 1 class and Attunement please contact me and we can arrange a date(s) and time.

Link to read more on the history and healing benefits of Reiki.

Chakra Balancing & chakra healing (polarity therapy)

Chakra imbalance manifestations depend on the energy center(s) where the blockage occurred. This can result in mental, emotional or physical illness, and other complications. Some examples of a chakra imbalance include: power issues where you feel powerless and have trouble setting boundaries or are controlling and have difficulty respecting boundaries; you feel like you cannot speak your truth or you dominate conversation; continuous relationship issues (inc. not being able to find a stable relationship, abusive partners); Stomach and GI issues. See the below link for a breakdown of the chakras and associated imbalances.

I work with various modalities to balance and connect the flow of energy through your chakras and channels, that can help to alleviate physical and mental discomfort. Thereby increasing the flow of energy as well as clearing blockages can help you to relieve various physical ailments such as headaches, mental issues such as anxiety and depression, and physical issues such as impotency.

Link to self-identify a chakra imbalance and learn about Chakra Balancing services.

Spiritual counseling

For any service we embark on together, I first want to understand where you are in life to help you along your life's journey. While many people reach out to me to have a physical ailment healed (for example, migraines, anxiety attacks, lethargy), I oftentimes find emotional or psychological blockages in my clients that I help them work through.

In Spiritual Counselling the emphasis is on wholeness, dealing with the whole person, and assisting the client in inner balance and integration of all the dimensions of Self. It has an expanded view of life, recognising that the world is a complex mystery and it takes into account belief systems, universal & personal energy systems, intuitive psychic realities, karmic interplay, subconscious and superconscious states of awareness, metaphysical experiences, spiritual theology, spiritual presence and higher-self cosmic connections. 

As each client is seen as an individual the sessions are non-prescriptive and individually tailored. This counseling can be paired with many other services where I help you move forward in your spiritual path: open up to your life's purpose, put your life's obstacles in perspective and get out of your own way so that you can flourish.

Read more about my approach to Spiritual Counseling and what you can expect.

Crystal healing

Crystals and chakras have a particular vibrational frequency, this is why certain crystals are aligned with certain chakras. I use crystals as amplifiers, or assistants for helping in the work and aligning/opening for intention. Crystals have also been integral to healing and the re-balancing from the body's dis-ease for thousands of years, and longer, allowing for the clearing of dense energies and balancing healing energies to integrate into the body. 

During a session, we would work with specific crystals that you or I are called to for assistance with the healing. Crystals are also powerful allies that I use in conjunction with many healing modalities to amplify the movement of energy and intention, including grid work, ceremony and shamanic work to create a protected, sacred loving space for journeying, soul-retrieval and clearing out personal or inherited issues. As an example, when we are doing chakra balancing, people may have memories or emotions come up that trigger many emotions (such as crying) and the crystal helps to amplify the movement, transmutation and "clearing out" of this energy. Other uses for crystal healing are to clear physical and medical issues such as asthma (in certain cases), working with tissues, the physical body and energetics, and for chakra balancing, where crystals especially help to cleanse, clear and balance the energies of each chakra.

Link for Crystal Healing Further Explanation

Energetic cleanses

Undesirable energies can either attach to us from outside sources or build up in our bodies internally. Energetic cleanses release the toxins from our spiritual selves, which opens pathways to clearer information, thinking and informs the mental and physical selves. From this practice you will end up feeling better energetically. I will give you supportive practices to take home to allow you to continue your healing work to support your cleansing process.

Remote healing

Remote or distance healing can be used with Reiki, crystal healing, guided meditation, and incorporate most other healing modalities I offer that do not involve touch. Though it may be hard to conceptualize, we are all connected regardless of time or space and healing is just as effective when the client is not in the room. I suggest you watch Nassim Haramein's "The Connected Universe", or research distance healing if you have further questions. I've used it often with great success and efficacy. See below for an expanded explanation.

Link for Distance Healing Explained

Soul Retrieval

While under a different name, this sort of work is common across cultures and even in Western Psychotherapy where a therapist helps clients "retrieve" parts of themselves that may have been forgotten, suppressed or disassociated. Soul loss in Psychology can also be termed "disassociation" and/or "repression". Many people may "lose" a part of their soul, or feel fragmented, after experiencing some sort of trauma or shock that makes them "freeze" or "lose" a part of their energetic selves. I work with clients to help retrieve that energetic piece of yourself, integrate it and make you feel more whole and functional. This service helps deal with "soul loss" which can occur from any sort of shock or trauma.

This practice may benefit you if, for example:

  • You cannot remember childhood very well or life younger than 7, or parts of your childhood that are quite fuzzy
  • You had a traumatic of fear-filled event in childhood
  • You do not feel "authentic" and/or are constantly looking to external people and systems to understand how you "should" act or who you "should" be
  • You have addictions or feel as if you're always looking to someone or something external to fill the "hole" inside you.
  • Have felt different after a big event in your life and Felt like you couldn't get back to the previous "you" as easily. 

After this session, your life's path may become more clear to you, as well as your perception of who the whole and authentic "you" really is with soul retrieval work. Other benefits can include a reduction in anxiety, inner peace, fear-reduction, feeling less confused and an increased sense of belonging in the world.

Link to read more about Soul Retrieval sessions and about "soul loss".


As with any of my services, this can be a stand-alone service combined with other modalities.

Energetic or Crystal gridwork involves the tuning of a particular space to the frequencies and intentions desired. It can follow sacred geometry patterns, elements, the 4 or 7 Directions and more. For journeying, ceremonial and shamanic gridwork, I create a light and love-filled space that creates energetics for the highest good of all involved. For location gridwork, I can work in your space, home, property or other location to clean out undesired energies, and bring in set intention and clear positive light energy. 

As our experience, existence and reality is created on levels of gridwork, it is essential to set the space and intention whenever energy work is done. This works with the forces all around and permeating us, layers and dimensions.


Ceremony and/or ritual is a space that is created through actions which intend to shift the participants out of the everyday headspace that we often move in on autopilot. It marks a significant change and tuning to a heightened degree of perception of the moments and presents the opportunity for new perspectives, awarenesses and shifts. It creates a sense of unity, community and aliveness with a group and the space around them. It generates new energy for change. It can also be described as an intentional ritual with energetic work that allows for expansive experience and healing around a significant moment in your life that is often combined with journeying or other services. Many people are unaware of what the symptoms are during these major life shifts, as it is not a common part of Western culture to be educated on these. I'm happy to work with clients to help them understand the natural patterns in their life and move through these critical times with more grace and ease. Common life transitions that I work with include:

  • Transitions through major phases of life
  • In and out of relationships, divorces
  • Saturn returns (age 27-29 years old), commonly referred to as the "quarter life crisis"
  • The activated Kundalini rising at 39-42 (Uranus-opposite-Uranus), commonly referred to as the "mid-life crisis"
  • For younger girls moving into womanhood, including Moon Ceremonies
  • For children at 7 and 14 years of age

Link for Beautiful Article Titled "Why We Need Rituals In Our Lives"

Shamanic work

These powerful, intuitively guided healings can help you identify and move through a sudden shift in your life and break through long held patterns and energy blocks. Through this work I will open to messages that will guide me through what you are needing at this time, what you should know about yourself, and work in coordination with energies helping to heal and assist for your highest good. Often this is paired with gridwork to create a light and love-filled space that creates the energetics of the highest good of all involved. In this work we may go outside in nature, we may utilize fire, water and the elements. I may use sage, yerba santo or other cleansing plants and resins in smoke form. I also may use sound, feathers, crystals, drums or other tools as I am guided to. This work has been found to be extremely enlightening, satisfying and powerful by others I've worked with and I have great trust in what comes through.

If you ever feel drained in certain settings or around certain individuals, we can work to identify where this comes from, and can also work together to teach you how to effectively use your energetic barriers. I have also worked with people that suddenly became depressed, or struggled with depression for years, adopted a phobia, did not want to leave their house, and those that often felt lethargic. We can work together toward clearing energies that are not serving you, bringing in more life force, opening channels and protecting your body and energetic layers so you can be as vibrant as you're here to be. If you want to clear energies in your different energetic layers that were inherited or from childhood, for example, or are carrying someone else’s energies in your field, this work could also help you return to lighter, brighter more peaceful days.

Link for Article on "Shamanism"

Journeying & Inner-soul work

I will guide you as you journey into the hidden depths of your inner self, outer self and possibly multi-dimensional self. The experience you have is boundless, but the knowledge, clarity and vision you may achieve can be ecstatic, heart lifting and life changing. Often this is paired with gridwork and shamanic work to create a light and love-filled space that creates the energetics of the highest good of all involved. I can also do this remotely quite effectively. If this is desired in combination with the Sweat Lodge it will be offered on specific days of the month and may require a longer stay. Ask for details and availability.

Intuitive holistic healing

This healing allows me the freedom to combine all services as I'm guided into what you may most benefit from, which may include reiki, gridwork, crystal healing, guided trance meditation and other modalities.  Prior to the session(s), we would work together to decide on how much time you have and identify blockers in your life.

Weekend retreats: coming soon!

I am very excited to share my home and a very special and powerful place with the community in 2018. We are building an area that can welcome individuals and large groups for retreats, journeys, rest, relaxation and rejuvination on our special property that winds through waterfalls, trees and beautiful landscapes. More to come!

These services are offered from Hunab Ku's Holistic Healing Room in a private room in my home near Mt. Shasta, and some services are available for us to work on over the phone, or remotely.

Open to new levels of awareness.

The work may shift some of the ways you view old problems or circumstances as you open to greater levels of awareness. I will work with you to understand what you are needing in life and create an experience (individual service or a custom package of integrative healing services) that can help you feel better on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. 

This type of work shifts energies and as the old emotions or patterns are leaving your field, you may experience these in the healing process. I will work with you to support the clearing physically and emotionally.  

This type of work is not just for people that are in deep emotional, psychological or physical pain (though it helps); this work is also for spiritual advancement. Get in touch for further information and with any questions you may have.