I try to help each client discover and embody their authentic selves.

People have been called to work with me for different reasons and you are unique in your story as well! These are a few stories and testimonials from clients I have supported in their journey through critical times in their life, empowering them to live more expansive and joyful lives.


live with more joy and energy.

I try to help each person see themselves more clearly and move forward into the world feeling whole, balanced.

“Robin’s presence is loving, powerful, otherwordly and simultaneously earthly. She is a healer, a teacher, a visionary and so much more. Robin is able to see you, to understand you, and to guide you. Not only is she well versed in healthy nutrition and lifestyle, but she can see through to your unconscious mind, your emotional body, and your spiritual self. Sometimes, the issues people struggle with are opaque and complex. Robin helps bring transparency to and simplify these issues. Sometimes, people battle with admitting the truth to themselves. Robin helps people fearlessly embrace the truth. Sometimes people feel like they’re inadequate to the test. Robin reminds people that they are enough, that they are infinite love, and that they’re capable of anything. In my experience, Robin’s approach is far from orthodox, and it works miracles. She’s a true gift to the universe.”

-Michael Sanders, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I’ve recently had the tremendous privilege of colliding with teacher, healer & visionary -- Robin Johnson -- at Burning Man. I was deeply stirred by this ‘chance encounter’. In fact, I was so transformed by the energetics of her presence that I’m now removing that word from my vocabulary. I’m fully awake and aware that ALL Experience is by Divine Design. I’m profoundly grateful to call this alchemic powerhouse of spirit my soul siSTAR! In our time together, she reflected obfuscations & blindspots caused by intellectual games that mind (ego) loves to play in order to keep one in the comfort & safety of homeostasis. Robin is a living, breathing mirror, emissary of light & embodied steward of love. By reaching out to her, you are actually reaching into yourself/Source - Make the Connection. May you dissolve all limitations, inherited belief systems, and any conditioned programming, in order to trust, love & live in the wisdom of your heart <3”

- Brigitte Habel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Robin is an incredible healer that seems to have an otherworldly intuition and understanding of the common challenges that humans struggle with. She has been a calm, nurturing, and compassionate guide to my own personal and spiritual journey. She has employed a range of approaches customized to fit my specific uniqueness as a human being, all while holding the space necessary for me to sit in, work through, and ultimately embrace the depths of my soul with grace, equanimity, and even joy. I have done sweat lodges, plant medicine, energy work, and somatic release with Robin, which has helped me break through recalcitrant trauma and triggers like the fear of abandonment, loneliness, and lack of self-love. Through it all, I realized that I am not alone, I am loved by many, and most importantly, I am loved by myself. That I can live my authentic selves, come from a place of love, and let go, because people and things will come into my life as a reflection of my true being. Thank you Robin, for changing my life in so many ways. Much love.”

-Nicole Lim, San Francisco, California

“I have to admit that the idea of energy healing was very foreign to me. I would describe myself as a materialist scientist with a lot of skepticism about anything. But after working with Robin, I can only describe the outcome one way; pure and complete bliss. I can’t tell you exactly what she did, or how she did it. All I can tell you is that it was a profound healing that felt like a kind of magic. I can’t recommend her enough.”

-Michael J. Parker, Washington D.C.

“I’ve had the pleasure of building, living and working with Robin for over 3 years to create a unique experience on Earth, together, every year. While I have had the pleasure of traveling to numerous countries, working in law, consulting and startups, I have never met a more moving and impact-fully authentic person prior to meeting Robin. She has taken every chance and experience in her life to deepen her own awareness, her caring for others and to create a safe space to grow/heal, no matter where she is in her own life. I have personally benefited from her calm presence, reflections and humble care, as well as having seen/heard from, literally, hundreds of other people who benefited in the same way. If you are fortunate enough to be in a place where you are ready to receive her guidance and help, then I can whole-heartedly feel good about the moving experience and care that you will be fortunate enough to have. Peace and good wishes on your journey.”

-Andrew “Tisch” Tischler, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Robin creates one of THE safest and most loving environments to fully let go and release! Not only can I physically feel energies shifting within me, come the end of our session I feel ten pounds lighter and full of peace. She walks you through various visions, past lives and intuitive messages that she may receive, which have always been spot on with what I'm going through. She also suggests life changing practices that anyone can incorporate daily to enrich their lives. With Robin's support I have come to better understand myself, my emotions and what my next steps are in healing. She's been there for me through very crucial moments and I truly don't know what I would have done without her help."

- Chrissy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Robin is such a powerful and amazing individual and soul on this planet. As an energy worker she is extremely powerful, so much so that I could feel her presence working on me even from half way across the country! That's how profound of an experience I've had working with her. She has brought so much clarity and awareness into my life. After working with her I noticed that a lot of blockages I was experiencing in life had dispersed after she had opened up my energy channels that were stagnant for so long. Months after working together I have experienced many different revelations and healing moments that have come from the work she has done with me. Robin is a very compassionate and loving person and everything that she will do for you is made with intentions of the purest love. You will always be in safe hands when you are working with her."

- Justin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Robin has a knowingness to her. In my nearly three years of being acquainted with Robin, I observed her as a supportive mother to her children, a holder of sacred space, a supportive catalyst for change for some. Robin is the embodiment of strength, love, support, courage and guide. She’s also fun, light and buoyant! Through many deep conversations and a crystal work session, Robin has pushed me forward in my journey of finding purpose, joy and passion. She’s become a healer and a great friend!"

- Katya, San Francisco, CA

Healing can take many forms and is individualized to each person. My interest is to support your healing process in as gentle and effective a way as possible. As previously mentioned this type of healing can bring up old emotions, memories of experiences and forgotten traumas as they are being cleared. Experiences vary widely. Some experience elation and lightness, new found courage, focus, energy and inspiration. Some releasing old emotions experience tears, old fears, angers, frustrations, self-consciousness. These memories and emotions, embraced and felt, often pass quickly. Know that it takes courage and a desire to live a more expansive brighter life that brings you to healing work. Whatever your experience or process, know that it is right for you and I will be here in communication and supporting you all the way through to the other side. Once there, lighter and freer of the limiting thoughts and repeated behavioral patterns you can begin to explore life with more gusto, color, and vigor! As the world becomes your oyster :)

Doing as others told me, I was blind.
Coming when others called me, I was lost.
Then I left everyone, myself as well.
Then I found everyone, myself as well.
You’ve seen my descent.
Now watch my Rising.
— Rumi


This type of work is not just for people that are in deep emotional, psychological or physical pain (though it helps); this work is also for spiritual advancement. Get in touch for further information and with any questions you may have.