Stories of What "Energetic Healing" Can Be

In sharing stories I believe we allow the reader or listener to take away what they're ready to receive. These stories illustrate some of the ways I've helped clients shift the awareness and move through critical transitions in their lives.

Story #1: I had been supporting the energy clearing and physical and emotional pain alleviation of a client for a few days. I began working on her remotely and received instructions in the form of pictures in sequence. I trusted and followed and as I lifted one of her energetic layers there was before me a big egg or vertical oblong ball of balled energy appearing like red electricity mostly on the inside and blue electricity on the outside. I understood this as the energetic combination of all the chakras of someone no longer in body and her unsettled energy body was a hitchhiker in my clients energetic field essentially. I saw bits and pieces of the life this person had lived and felt the overwhelming feeling of forlorn, chaos and trauma. Later my client confirmed having seen some of the same images and experiencing the chaotic and overwhelming feelings I had, regardless of our not being in the same room or country. Next I saw and felt the confusion and loneliness of this energy and observed her gliding down a river in a boat with others in their own boats. It was misty/foggy and grey- like the whole moving image was grey-scaled. As I worked with the energy, balancing, harmonizing I then saw the mist begin to clear and she as well as the picture began to warm and take on color. The sky cleared and became blue and sunny as the boat pulled up to a shore and a young girl came running up to the boat to pull it ashore. The woman in the boat lit up, jumped out and was her youthful self in appearance as she hugged her friend/sister joyously. She had missed her and the others. They disappeared and the scene disappeared as they walked with arms around each other up the beach toward music and laughter in the distance. My client felt lighter and more peaceful immediately. Things in her life began to clear and feel less chaotic or troubled. She stated it had been an incredibly powerful session. I was guided at the time not to share my experience in this healing, but to offer it at a later time if she was interested as it would distract her from her focus on her own healing at the time. She now reports being much lighter and joyful.

“Doing as others told me, I was blind.
Coming when others called me, I was lost.
Then I left everyone, myself as well.
Then I found everyone, myself as well.
You’ve seen my descent.
Now watch my Rising.

— Rumi

Story #2: I was working on a client with various minor physical complaints who had always stated she wished she could see through the third eye, but had come to accept she wouldn't. As I was moving energy around and had been working on other areas for some time, I felt a pull up to the third eye. I didn't expect this but the message was clear and I was guided in a series of steps and as I began opening, energizing and balancing her third eye I observed what looked like an angelic being and felt like a very loving presence come into her third eye space for reassurance, love and support as I felt fears rise up in her regarding this area. Later, at the end of the session she stated she felt many things but had seen and felt an angel come in for support when I was working on her Third Eye. She was emotionally moved by the intensity of the experience. 

Story #3: Recently in the fall of 2017, while hosting a gathering on the land here, a friend stated that while growing up in El Salvador he had heard people talk as I do about the living presence and spirits of the trees, plants, land and the elements. He said this awareness was a part of his young life, but that he hadn't heard anyone speak this way since coming to the U.S. At one point in our walk through the trees by the waterfalls I had him place his hands on a particularly old tree that had a strong energy about it. I stated if he did this he would hear the trees. After opening the inner doorway for him he exclaimed he was able to hear the trees as well. This type of activation and remembering is something I've been surprised to find I seem to be a facilitator for in others as well.

- Robin, Founder of Hunab Ku Holistic Healing

This type of work is not just for people that are in deep emotional, psychological or physical pain (though it helps); this work is also for spiritual advancement. Get in touch for further information and with any questions you may have.

What is Soul Retrieval?

Your life's path may become more clear to you, as well as your perception of who the whole and authentic "you" really is with soul retrieval work. Other benefits can include a reduction in anxiety, inner peace, fear-reduction, feeling less confused and an increased sense of belonging in the world.

This service helps deal with "soul loss" which can occur from any sort of shock or trauma. Termed soul loss, it is also light loss or energy loss from the whole complete light being you are meant to be. Cultures familiar with soul loss would perform soul retrieval rituals within a few days of any sort of trauma. Have you ever felt different after a big event in your life? Felt like you couldn't get back to the previous "you" as easily? The piece of you that "runs for the hills" is a protective mechanism that keeps us from feeling the full brunt of the event, be it car accident, heartbreak or shock. It is overall a helpful survival mechanism built into our hardware. The problem comes when that piece doesn't return and we're left without the joy, fullness of spirit and peace that comes from being whole. It leaves us always trying to find that lost piece of our soul which often plays out in a recreation of the trauma over and over, though the names or stories may differ.

While under a different name, this sort of work is common across cultures and even in Western Psychotherapy where a therapist helps clients "retrieve" parts of themselves that may have been forgotten, suppressed or disassociated. Soul loss in Psychology can also be termed disassociation and/or repression.

Many people may "lose" a part of their soul, or feel fragmented, after experiencing some sort of trauma or shock that makes them "freeze" or "lose" a part of their energetic selves. I work with clients to help retrieve that energetic piece of yourself, integrate it and make you feel more whole and functional.

This practice may benefit you if, for example:

  • You cannot remember childhood very well or life younger than 7, or parts of your childhood that are quite fuzzy
  • You had a traumatic of fear-filled event in childhood
  • You do not feel "authentic" and/or are constantly looking to external people and systems to understand how you "should" act or who you "should" be
  • You have addictions or feel as if you're always looking to someone or something external to fill the "hole" inside you.

Note that as a child, events that may have been traumatic for you may not be something that is scary for you now, for example, being left with an unknown babysitter.

Link for What Is Soul Retrieval Articl


Chakra imbalances can result in mental, emotional or physical illness, and other complications.

Healing happens when prana/chi/ki is sent into and through the chakras to move stuck energy. This lets the bodies energy flow freely through chakras and channels, increasing health. Think of a blocked artery cutting off blood flow and reducing the oxygen available to the bodies cells. The cells would suffer greatly from the reduced oxygen and not function at the capacity they could otherwise. Clearing the blockage would make more oxygen (energy-life force) available for function and wellness of being. Allowing the individual to move from surviving to thriving.

Dense energy tangles or blockages can form in our chakras from a variety of life experiences. Chakra imbalance manifestations depend on the energy center(s) where the blockage occurred.

Some examples of a chakra imbalance also include: 

  • Power issues where you feel powerless and have trouble setting boundaries, or
  • You are controlling and have difficulty respecting boundaries
  • You feel like you cannot speak your truth, or
  • You dominate conversations
  • Continuous relationship issues (inc. not being able to find a stable relationship, abusive partners)
  • Stomach and GI issues
  • etc.

I work with various modalities to balance and connect the flow of energy through your chakras and channels. Thereby increasing the flow of energy as well as clearing blockages can help you to relieve various physical ailments such as headaches, mental issues such as anxiety and depression, and physical issues such as impotency.

See below for a link to a breakdown of the chakras and associated imbalances.

Link to MindValley for How to Identify Blocked Chakras

The History of Reiki Massage (Energy Healing)

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing, stress-reduction and relaxation technique that was made more widely available by Dr. Usui in Japan after his mystical experience in 1922. Reiki has been scientifically shown to reduce postoperative pain, reduce the need for analgesics, reduce anxiety, blood pressure and respiratory rates. A randomized controlled trial showed that Reiki reduced burnout among mental health clinicians. Another study showed memory improvement and reduction of depression in Alzheimers patients.

Hawaya Takata brought Reiki to the west by way of Hawaii. Mataji Kawakami also created Reiki Ryoho in 1914 and had a book published on Reiki in 1919. However, other forms of Reiki were practiced in Japan prior to 1922 and Reiki energy has existed for thousands of years.

Reiki therapy supports healing of all energetic imbalances that are ready to be moved and can treat physical and emotional complaints, as well as mental and psychological ailments. It can also support a spiritual journey or balance a difficult spiritual opening.

I'm a 3rd degree Reiki practitioner and certified Reiki teacher, and can offer you stand-alone Reiki sessions or pair this energy healing modality with other work. Individual Reiki Training classes and Attunements are available upon request. Please contact me if this is what you're desiring. If there are 3 people or more who are desiring a Reiki 1 class and Attunement please contact me and we can arrange a date(s) and time.

See below for additional information.

History of Reiki article

Reiki Research

What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual Counseling sees that life is innately personal and individuals want to build their own unique, flowing relationship with it, organically and without force.

With the Soul being the starting point individuals come from the heart, whilst not forgetting their head, and from this heart space they care for the sacred interdependence of all life. Compassion for self and compassion for others is a core concept for their personal and collective growth. As Spiritual Counseling is holistic there is no separation, no duality between personal or collective responses and reaction, all is intrinsically linked. There is awareness that life experiences become the greatest tool, with the integration of personal pains and personal journey. The aim is for clients to express themselves and their world with intimate wisdom, spiritual awareness and personal authenticity; using integrity and wise use of their spiritual gifts, skills and knowledge. 

For any service we embark on together, I first want to understand where you are in life to help you along your life's journey.

While many people reach out to me to have a physical ailment healed (for example, migraines, anxiety attacks, lethargy), I oftentimes find emotional or psychological blockages in my clients that I help them work through. This counseling can be paired with many other services where I help you move forward in your spiritual path: open up to your life's purpose, put your life's obstacles in perspective and get out of your own way so that you can flourish.

Psycho-Spiritual Counseling takes the Soul, rather than the Mind, as its starting point of balance.

It has an expanded view of life, recognising that the world is a complex mystery and it takes into account belief systems, universal & personal energy systems, intuitive psychic realities, karmic interplay, subconscious and superconscious states of awareness, metaphysical experiences, spiritual theology, spiritual presence and higher-self cosmic connections. 

Spiritual counsellors need a cross-cultural awareness and an understanding around spiritual emergency and other issues of spirituality. They recognise, and are committed to, a spiritual journey in their own lives, and the lives of others. By focusing on their core inner connection, creating an open heart connection and a mindfulness state, they create a holding and sacred space for the personal unfoldment of their clients. 

In Spiritual Counseling the emphasis is on wholeness, dealing with the whole person, and assisting the client in inner balance and integration of all the dimensions of Self. It is experiential and focuses on the client’s individual experiences and reality, so the counsellor respecting them as unique assumes that the client’s reality is different from their own. As each client is seen as an individual the sessions are non-prescriptive and individually tailored. The counsellor is thus active and creative, responding to the immediate issues brought by the client. The assumption is that human beings are innately motivated towards achieving their highest potential of awareness and fulfilment; the counsellor’s role is to support this and trust the client’s process. 

The spiritual journey can be blissful and awakening, but also it can be arduous, frightening and lonely. Anyone can have a spiritual experience, or peak experience, but holistic self-realisation is a different matter. Spiritual development best occurs at the point when the Ego identity is strong enough to take a little disorientation. One’s understanding and meaning of one’s lives depend on the presence of Ego. If the Ego is not strong and does not hold the person in a healthy reality; the spiritual opening then results in fragmentation and crises. This altered State of Consciousness can be catastrophic to the Ego if the individual contacts the lower level of consciousness rather than the higher level of consciousness. A healthy Ego arises from the healing and integration of past traumas and of Self-Realisation/ Self-Awareness. 

Spiritual counselling recognises that the split between psychotherapy and spirituality in the West is a cultural, not a natural, phenomenon. It takes as its roots Transpersonal Psychology, Spiritual Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, Psychosynthesis, and Person-Centred Counselling

Having awareness of a spiritual identity; - we are all more than our personalities and our problems.

Faith in Self; - that we have within us the wisdom to make the right choices.

Faith in potential; - that every situation has a potential for growth. 

Faith in the journey; - that our lives have meaning.

Faith in Spirit; - that we are truly Spiritual Beings.