Chakra imbalances can result in mental, emotional or physical illness, and other complications.

Healing happens when prana/chi/ki is sent into and through the chakras to move stuck energy. This lets the bodies energy flow freely through chakras and channels, increasing health. Think of a blocked artery cutting off blood flow and reducing the oxygen available to the bodies cells. The cells would suffer greatly from the reduced oxygen and not function at the capacity they could otherwise. Clearing the blockage would make more oxygen (energy-life force) available for function and wellness of being. Allowing the individual to move from surviving to thriving.

Dense energy tangles or blockages can form in our chakras from a variety of life experiences. Chakra imbalance manifestations depend on the energy center(s) where the blockage occurred.

Some examples of a chakra imbalance also include: 

  • Power issues where you feel powerless and have trouble setting boundaries, or
  • You are controlling and have difficulty respecting boundaries
  • You feel like you cannot speak your truth, or
  • You dominate conversations
  • Continuous relationship issues (inc. not being able to find a stable relationship, abusive partners)
  • Stomach and GI issues
  • etc.

I work with various modalities to balance and connect the flow of energy through your chakras and channels. Thereby increasing the flow of energy as well as clearing blockages can help you to relieve various physical ailments such as headaches, mental issues such as anxiety and depression, and physical issues such as impotency.

See below for a link to a breakdown of the chakras and associated imbalances.

Link to MindValley for How to Identify Blocked Chakras