What is Soul Retrieval?

Your life's path may become more clear to you, as well as your perception of who the whole and authentic "you" really is with soul retrieval work. Other benefits can include a reduction in anxiety, inner peace, fear-reduction, feeling less confused and an increased sense of belonging in the world.

This service helps deal with "soul loss" which can occur from any sort of shock or trauma. Termed soul loss, it is also light loss or energy loss from the whole complete light being you are meant to be. Cultures familiar with soul loss would perform soul retrieval rituals within a few days of any sort of trauma. Have you ever felt different after a big event in your life? Felt like you couldn't get back to the previous "you" as easily? The piece of you that "runs for the hills" is a protective mechanism that keeps us from feeling the full brunt of the event, be it car accident, heartbreak or shock. It is overall a helpful survival mechanism built into our hardware. The problem comes when that piece doesn't return and we're left without the joy, fullness of spirit and peace that comes from being whole. It leaves us always trying to find that lost piece of our soul which often plays out in a recreation of the trauma over and over, though the names or stories may differ.

While under a different name, this sort of work is common across cultures and even in Western Psychotherapy where a therapist helps clients "retrieve" parts of themselves that may have been forgotten, suppressed or disassociated. Soul loss in Psychology can also be termed disassociation and/or repression.

Many people may "lose" a part of their soul, or feel fragmented, after experiencing some sort of trauma or shock that makes them "freeze" or "lose" a part of their energetic selves. I work with clients to help retrieve that energetic piece of yourself, integrate it and make you feel more whole and functional.

This practice may benefit you if, for example:

  • You cannot remember childhood very well or life younger than 7, or parts of your childhood that are quite fuzzy
  • You had a traumatic of fear-filled event in childhood
  • You do not feel "authentic" and/or are constantly looking to external people and systems to understand how you "should" act or who you "should" be
  • You have addictions or feel as if you're always looking to someone or something external to fill the "hole" inside you.

Note that as a child, events that may have been traumatic for you may not be something that is scary for you now, for example, being left with an unknown babysitter.

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