A Selection of research and resources on energy healing

By no means take what is presented below as anything other than a small selection of what exists and always use your intuition and heart to guide you.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences presents an easy to navigate website with readily accessible information and thoroughly documented resources and research into various energy healing modalities. From their website you can also find and explore links to other sites.

Institute of Noetic Sciences/Research

The HeartMath Institute website provides research and information focusing on the heart-brain connection and the interconnectedness of all things. Their work since 1991 has been scientifically validated and changed the way we look at our own energetic fields and those of the planet and solar system.

HeartMath Institute/Research

The Consciousness and Healing Initiative states in their mission statement that they exist to bridge the gap of scientific understanding around consciousness and healing practices in a way that allows people to apply this information in a real-world way. 

Consciousness and Healing Initiative

Masaru Emoto was a scientist in Japan that conducted research with his team on water and the crystal patterns water from different sources would freeze into. Through their experimentations they found that the energy, intentions or vibrations from either words, prayer, song or intention had a very real and observable effect on the water. They documented these results. Below is a link to a website with some of this information.

Masaru Emoto Water Crystal Website

There are numerous other resources available online and I encourage you to follow what you are led to, as I feel what comes to you is for you. If you'd like to discuss anything, please feel free to get in contact with me.